Twisting Skyscraper Canyon 1

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This was my first experience bicycling into downtown Boston's Financial district with its sudden skyscrapers. It fails to capture the experience (see Twisting Skyscraper Canyon 2 for a better attempt), so I'll describe what I was feeling.

I had been riding past lower buildings, and suddenly these black monoliths rise up before me, funneling me into a glass and steel and stone cavern. The buildings around me are light, and I am in the light; the ones ahead are dark, and my path lies in shadow. The placement of buildings is haphazard, following the streets -- they jut up at odd angles to each other, so there is no clear path through the maze, or clear way to orient myself.

I experienced a thrill of fear and adrenaline during that first moment. On subsequent rides I had a lessened reaction, but I still kept an eye out for opportunities to capture that first moment, visually. (It's difficult because I am usually not at liberty to compose a photo when in traffic!)


twisting skyscraper canyon
Boston, MA
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