Twisting Skyscraper Canyon 2

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Over two years after Twisting Skyscraper Canyon 1, I finally got a shot that feels at least close to what I'd hoped to capture that first time. In TSC 2, I am already in the dark canyon of glass and steel, not anticipating the plunge, but the blown-out sky and reflections from windows on the left help accentuate the dimness. The buildings loom properly this time (the tall format is appropriate, and there are no distracting elements off to the side). There's a straightaway that ends in a skyscraper at a diagonal to us, showing the twistiness a bit better by not being so extreme -- the center of TSC 1 is much more jumbled, which was impressive in person but does not translate well to a monocular format lacking parallax and other depth cues.

And finally, TSC 2 has a bonus: The Old State House, caught in unexpected sunlight and shining white and gold amid the drab; ornate in contrast to the gridded gray slab behind it.

It's not supposed to be a particularly pleasant photo. I see shades of cyberpunk dystopian cities here. Note as well the total lack of anything green -- even TSC 1 had little touches of plants here and there, and the skeletons of winter trees. TSC 2 is lifeless but for a few pedestrians and the faceless glow of taillights.


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